Welcome to Ballypatrick’s Debut Auction

‘Our debut auction offers Olympic & 5 Star International Pedigrees selected by a proven brand for top performance’

‘Performance horses selected by the best’

  • Ballypatrick is home to modern & proven sport horses that are recognised worldwide!
  • Our 350-acre equine farm has some of the best grazing land in Ireland.
  • Ballypatrick is situated in the heart of the ‘Golden Vale’ an area famous for its Limestone based soil which contributes to the fertility of our mares and to the development of our young stock.
  • Top breeding lines have been selected by our family over the years for our breeding programme.
  • We are constantly trying to improve year on year and adding winning genetics.
  • These breeding lines have been carefully managed and we are proud to offer some of our best foals and young horses for this year’s Ballypatrick online auction.
  • We really look forward to your feedback over the coming weeks and we hope you enjoy our selection.

Auction date: 28th December 2022
Looking forward to welcoming you to our online auction!


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8 lots
Dec 27, 2022 18:28


3 Year Olds

6 lots
Dec 27, 2022 18:29


4 Year Olds

4 lots
Dec 27, 2022 18:30


5 Year Olds

2 lots
Dec 27, 2022 18:30


6 Year Olds

1 lots
Dec 27, 2022 18:30