LOT 06 – BP Mr. Heartbreaker

Grandson of famous Usha van’t Roosaker. Heartbreaker colt from 1 of the worlds best dam lines.

Heartbreaker x Kannan x Usha
A real stallion type from a pedigree full of royalty.
His father Heartbreaker has sired numerous top end stallions like

  • Action Breaker (1.60m)
  • Romanov (1.60m)
  • Toulon (1.60m)

And many more
His mother Goya is the sister to ,

  • Babbe van’t Roosakker (1.60)
  • Cella (1.60)
  • Emperio van’t Roosakker(1.60)
  • Equador Van’t Roosakker(1.60m)
  • George z (1.50m)

It’s a dam line full of 5star performers!

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Highest bid
Ireland €22,000
Ireland €20,000
Ireland €19,000
Ireland €18,000
Ireland €17,000